Sundown Therapy (Deluxe Edition)

by Saz.É

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"Sundown Therapy" is my entirely self-produced LP. On this project, I will revisit my turmoil of the past, analyze my issues of the present, and finally, attempt to figure out a way to heal. I do this with hopes to reach you, the listener. Given the world that we’re currently living in…it’s safe to say we are all definitely in need of some therapy. You and I are not too different. Pain is common to all of us. Stress is a state shared by all of us. And the desire to rise above it pulses deep within all of us. I witnessed my family crumble at a young age.

My brother died during the coldest winter of my life. My other brother has been struggling with mental illness and substance abuse for years. I’ve lost family homes to foreclosure. Being broke will break you down. Close friends have died by gunfire in the suburbs. Depression and suicidal thoughts have loomed over my psyche for more than a decade. I know you have the storms you walk through. Let’s figure out how to heal ourselves, together.

I began rapping at age 6, and began creating as a producer at age 20. In this life I have triumphed tremendously and suffered greatly. Over the course of these 23 years I have evolved, both as a human being and a musician. I no longer want to embody the silly rap game tropes. I don’t want to create music simply talking about how much cooler I am than you. I want to propose commentary on the trivial and shallow things (I love a good fuckin’ time) but without emptily glorifying them. I’m not here to make you feel bad about not living the lifestyle the media tells you to idolize; this is not my job.

I am here to keep those kids from jumping off of the roof. I’m here to get heads nodding, toes tapping, fists pumping, and hearts singing honestly without any fear. I want to help us all love ourselves, and find the real “cool” in marching to the beat of your own drum. We’re going to rebel, we’re going to jam out, we’re going to do our own thing, and look, feel and sound pretty damn awesome at the same time.

Special thank you to Scissors Balancier and Thana Dickens for contributing the album art.
Thank you to DJ Freeez for the photography.
Thank you Jay Alii and Pat Stacks for providing the home and infrastructure for this album to be built.


released November 15, 2015

Written and recorded by Saz.É
Produced by Saz.É
Recording and mixing by Jay Alii at WAR Studios
Mastering by Alexander Steele at Nightsky Recording Studios



all rights reserved


Saz.É New York

Growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey and going to university in Boston has given Saz.É a unique outlook on life and music. Fusing his hip-hop roots with indie rock sensibilities gives Saz.É the perfect vehicle to discuss life, trauma, and how to cope, amongst a multitude of other topics. The 25 year old producer and recording artist is heavily influenced by Kanye West, Kid CuDi and Arcade Fire ... more

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Track Name: Run (Feat. SHE)
Blood running through chilled veins.
Paranoia will drive you insane.
tip toeing on a razor blade,
praying I play the ace of spades.
Most of my nights are alone,
except for weekends, she dances inside of my home.
Honestly speaking, there’s no reason to mess with the broad,
cuz when we speaking I don’t think that she gets me at all.
Left the apartment for some solitude, been worried about my town a lot,
lot of niggas getting shot around the block.
Yeah I’m a nigga from the suburbs,
but bodies dropping every summer
turned us to brothers.
I’m worried about the others.
After Chino got murked
I questioned lots of shit up on this earth.
Like if a nigga live his life just to make art and get money
niggas will try to take the life of the homie?
And they tell me I’ve got nothing to worry bout.
Some niggas do anything to boost up they bank account,
even if it means draining your amount.
maybe just taking your life,
maybe a strap,
maybe up close with a knife,
heavy a price.
Now you’re running down the sidewalk, calf got a gash in it.
(Vroom) then you hear the mash of a fast engine.
Your breathing’s heavy,
praying, getting your soul ready.
Your tank is on empty.
Now it’s like four or five niggas in a caravan.
Legs stiff, got you feeling frozen like an avalanche.
Better make the corner, your apartment’s up the block,
pray your ankle don’t twist, pray your knees don’t pop.
Normally such a peaceful individual,
now you’re running with nothing but your own heartbeat to listen to.
Nightmares, and tight scares, I’m right here just living,
they run in schools, see kids and start killing.
Who knows who’ll be on the other side of a bullet, or a switch blade;
I was just tryna finish a mixtape (Saz),
and they was just tryna finish a mixtape (HD),
and he was just tryna finish a mixtape (Chino).
Maybe I’m over thinking it for sure.
Honestly, I don’t know anymore.


[It’s alright,
you’ve got to take your time.
I lead you the way,
just take my hand and breathe.]
Track Name: Forget It All
Pat saying I’m the man now.
Bet I set a little fire to your camp ground.
Bet I put the kaibosh on your plan now.
They be like “Oh, God damn, Saz taking all our fans now.”
And I’m finna hold the fam down,
head high, and the pack loud.
Back down? That’s a no-no.
Had to pose for the photos,
took a few that my girl would hate, so ladies, don’t post those.
Dark in this night club,
I’m standing on the couch,
pouring jack down the girl mouth,
numb to it.
Stop talking bout the shit, my nigga, don’t walk to it, run to it.
I be like, hey just do it.
Do you get it yet?
Black poet came to teach you how to be great.
Dream worth a trillion, deaded all the cheap skates.
Got a bad one in each state,
pussy over flow enough for three plates.
Back to some wine and piano keys.
Cops killing blacks, it’s a shame it don’t startle me.
Homie, it’s been like this.
Why you think we drink like this?
Drown pain in a sea of Cris.
If the visionaries don’t mobilize
world gon’ burn, kids traumatized.
And we tryna feel good in these days of ours lives,
don’t run, don’t cry.
It’ll all be fine.

Now you know what we came to do.
Now you know what we came to do.
Feeling good, how the hell are you?
Feeling good? How the hell are you?
My mind is on the moon.
And I just wanna forget it all.
(You know the, you know the sun gon’ shine out on this side)
And I just wanna forget it all.
(You know the, you know the sun gon’ shine out on this side)
Now I got a little money, I don’t know where it came from,
but I know I’m finna spend some.
Now I got a little money, I don’t know where it come from,
but I know I’m finna spend some ayo.
and I just wanna forget it all.
(You know the, you know the sun gon’ shine out on this side)
And I just wanna forget it all.
(You know the, you know the sun gon’shine out on this side)

(Verse 2)
Now weekends I don’t hit the bed till five in the morning,
was in the house party zoning,
thinking bout you moaning.
Short dress, legs, had to close em
till we got home.
Car ride, got dome.
Head spinning from a CNN update talking bout a middle east crisis,
As a kid I was fantasizing bout ices,
neck lace and brace lets
a safe bet.
Jewels glimmering had a nigga blinded,
then I nutted, got reminded.
Drank for the shit,
dank to forget,
ease my mind while my reefer get lit,
thick chick
that I lay up with,
on some all night stay up shit.
Bow down, see me with my clique.
Graduated from a prince,
kill the scene, leave no prints.
Riding around with no tints
like this.

Now you know what we came to do.
Now you know what we came to do.
Feeling good, how the hell are you?
Feeling good? How the hell are you?
My mind is on the moon.
And I just wanna forget it all.
(You know the, you know the sun gon’ shine out on this side)
And I just wanna forget it all.
(You know the, you know the sun gon’ shine out on this side)
Now I got a little money, I don’t know where it came from,
but I know I’m finna spend some.
Now I got a little money, I don’t know where it come from,
but I know I’m finna spend some ayo.

(Verse 3)
Yea, yea, yea it’s me.
Write my name off in history.
She told me she could make it clap.
Standing ovation in a nigga lap.
Rising sun on the dimples of her back,
I tell ya, I’m just optimistic.
I saw the news story, yes I know they bombed the district.
I get it.
But I’m just tryna see some light.
Living my life.
Doing it all fucking night.
Doing it right.
Right? Check.
I try to pray before I hit the sheets and pillowcases.
The pessimistic, what is the basis?

Hey, I swear I’m gon forget it all.
I swear I’m gon forget it all.
Woah, ooo, oh, ooo, oh.
Hey, ain’t playing no games.
Hey, hey, I’m just gon’ forget it all.
Track Name: Demonstrate
A nigga stressed, I got them bills to pay,
So I be
up on my grind like each and every day.
They told me
dream big, I've always dreamed, that hasn't changed.
She told me,
“boy you dat nigga, go and demonstrate.”
You got it.

(Verse 1)
So what the problem is?
They said what I couldn't do, well bitch I did.
So how you feeling?
This too damn appealing,
them demons still reappearing.
But I'm just racing in some shit with no mileage,
just finished college,
so much to accomplish,
riding round with my accomplice.
I'm just a jersey boy suburbanite,
wishing all the glory came in overnight.
But I'm down to work.
Just impatient,
getting real frustrated,
getting head while contemplating.
I've wasted money,
kind of felt guilty, listen, face it, honey,
you weren't worth 20 bucks for 2 minutes.
All my pole tipping
but I enjoyed you stripping.
Don't get me wrong, the shit was awesome,
but I fucked around and put my pockets in a coffin.
Couldn't pay for papi's life insurance,
damn I'm nervous.
We just wanna be successful,
that's why I had to let my ex go.
Girl, I don't fuck with plan b's;
if yo ass don't believe in me
let me be.
Then I met a queen,
she walking with the King.


(Verse 2)
Started rapping as a fuckin youngin.
You should of heard the words from all my cousins,
“don't go to college, Saz you too damn nice”.
Sometimes I think that was some good advice.
Feeling like I wasted money and made myself a slave to student loans,
bad enough a nigga had to lose his home,
family been through some shit,
that's why the plan is to run the strip…
or the universe.
I think I'm the best but I should prove it first.
Don't get ahead of myself,
make sure my presence is felt.
Lord have mercy,
lord have mercy.
You know that I'm worthy,
hoping to blow before my early 30s.
But the clock is ticking.
Tryna network like them politicians.
Frank underwood,
I'm good,
do it how grinders should.
Moving the necessary chess pieces,
here's my thesis:
have some confidence, we royalty.
All these fake mother fuckers boring me,
maneuvering horribly.
Get the hell out of my face
You need to be replaced.


(Verse 3)
Out of desperation
moving across the nation.
Got no choice,
she heard my voice,
the sound of greatness made her moist
Saz Diggity the imperial lyricist,
flow is delirious.
King shit.
Lose lips,
sink ships.
Niggas should learn to watch they mouth
Saz dig gonna bug out?
Hatin niggas throwing slugs out?
Dodge em like Bruce Willis.
Die hard who couldn't feel this.
Ahead of my time,
art of war,
draw lead with a rhyme.
Bitch, I'm certified
Yeah, bitch, I'm certified.
A lot of y'all ain't living right.
Tryna prepare ya
for the new era.
Niggas doing just what the wanna,
ruling the summer.
Bought bulletproof H2 hummers
So pardon,
I'm paranoid.
Dream is to live good.
Who gon stop me?
Watch me;
I'll do what I do
and they'll wanna copy.
Getting chased by blondies
This black in American cities
Ya’ll mobbing with me?
You see my vision clearly?

Track Name: Leather Jacket Music (Nothin' 2 Do)
Say tonight, she doing what the bad girls do.
Say tonight, you’re doing what the bad girls do.
Say tonight, you’re doing what the.

You say you got nothin’ to do, baby.
It’s just you and your friends.
What you doing at ten?
You see,
ya’ll should just come through, ladies.
We can jump right in,
and maybe do it again.
You see?
Got nothing to lose, baby,
and you got nothing to prove, baby.
And you can bring your whole crew, baby.
And everything will be alright.
Got nothing to do, baby.
Ya’ll should just come through, ladies.
And you can bring your whole crew, baby.
And everything will be alright.

(Verse 1)
Been tryna kick it with your ass
but you work like every night.
So your boss gave you the night off, your friends want to get right?
I ain’t even gotta say it, girl you’ve all got the invite.
Pick a sober friend, just in case you think you want to drive.
And if you’re feeling like you want to stay
upstairs I’ve got some games we could play,
and my niggas gonna entertain
your homies.
Told you that we kings, fuck all them phonies.
My darling, there’s no reason to be lonely.
Heard some rumors I’m a lover boy.
Sitting alone with you,
want to kiss you.
How’d you figure?
Said you ain’t fucking, kicked it with me, now you reconsider.
My vibe too much?
You can’t resist it.
Blowing that purple spinach.
Told me you feel some distance
between the nigga that you talking to.
That’s why I wanted to talk to you.
Girl, don’t ever settle.
Now I know that I ain’t got no diamond bezel.
But I’ll take your mind, body, and soul to a whole nother level.


(Verse 2)
I promise that I won’t think that you’re a hoe.
Sending pics to my phone, say that’s a go.
Telling me that you want to take off my clothes.
Wish you was fucking with me way before.
Better late than never.
Follow me into tonight’s endeavors,
no pretenders.
My niggas keep it real,
rolling with some doctors and some trappers,
know niggas with some choppers or their masters.
We bound to shatter glasses.
That slipping
in the kitchen
from the cup of wisdom.
Drunk words and sober thoughts.
Me and your man, we suppose to talk.
But I be like “fuck that nigga”
“fuck that ex that use to hit ya”
You been through a lot, so I mess with you,
thinking that we all deserve some heaven too.
That leather jacket got some attitude.
That Mohawk makes you the baddest too.
Your hair natural?
Ah! Fingers all along your abdomen.
Party start at 10:47,
they all wanna get in.
Them neon lights will cure your depression,
no second guessing.

You say you got nothin’ 2 do, baby.
It’s just you and your friends.
What you doing at ten?
You see?
Ya’ll should just come through, ladies.
We can jump right in.
Maybe do it again.
You see?
Got nothing to lose, baby.
And you got nothing to prove, baby.
And you can bring your whole crew, baby.
And everything will be alright
Track Name: Brand New Woman
(Verse 1)
White girl with a love of the soul food and real deep squats at the gym.
Met her in my second semester, "baby, where the hell you been?"
Told me them white frat boy niggas don’t appreciate your curves.
Screaming at me, over the techno, distorted all of her words,
had me like “Can we talk somewhere quiet?
I think this is a convo that deserves a little more attention
cuz that shit sounds crazy.”
Tried to tell her that her ass bulging out of her leggings is such a blessing.
She asked “are there other mother fuckers like you?”
I said “eh, maybe only a few”
But there’s only one Saz,
he the best in his class,
palm ass,
she was with it, I really needed to ask…
“Would your daddy give a fuck about this?
Or would he be on some 1865 down and dirty south shit?”
Well, I guess that's something I shouldn't ask
when she put my dick all up in her grasp.
Undid her black bra strap,
so bad.
Fingers moving on her smooth skin,
playing on her body like piano keys made of porcelain.
Yeah, and the girl could make it bounce.
Told me pull her hair, grab her neck to make her shout.
Bed work.
Head game that’ll make my legs jerk
and her
hot box
top notch.
Had a nigga feeling like he had to wife her,
pretty green eyes while she sucking on a nigga like a pacifier.
Uh, yeah.
Tongue sliding down the curves in your back,
now you know where it's at, yeah.

And she woke up feeling like a brand new woman.
Now she wanna live in my sheets,
swear to God I’ma get no sleep
She the type I wanna keep, uh.
And she woke up feeling like a brand new woman
Told all the fuck boys “peace,
I think its better on this side.”
Looked at her like “damn right"
You’re damn right.

(Verse 2)
She like Coldplay!
No way,
me too,
I got cold ways.
All day.
I’ma cold mutha fucka and she been recognized it.
Now she gliding with the pilot.
Sex never quiet,
she in a capella so her
vocal chords
give me more
breaking down the headboard.
38 size waist
when she shop up at them lingerie stores,
hailing from New York.
Upper East Side,
Now she fucking with a dude from the burbs,
been rappin.
Got into college with no affirmative action.
Educated, lay down dick so fasten…
seat belt for the ride.
Hope your sorority sisters feeling alright.
You showed up
with a nigga in a tux
to your Greek life soirees.
Now it's a party.
Champagne, dance floors
and some photo ops.
Came a long way from yelling at the cops
in the parking lot.
Fat ass stuck tight to ya boy,
grip hips,
come right to ya boy.
Good pipe from ya boy.
God bless you.
I swear to God you special
No words for the way you look in reverse cow girl
Got me wondering like "how girl?"

Feeling/fiening like I need it (x8)
Track Name: Sundown Therapy
(Hook) x4
Jumped out the bed,
ran out the house,
hopped in the whip,
gotta keep the car running, car running/sundown coming, sundown coming

(Verse 1)
So I heard they broke the windows on my dad’s van.
Cleaning up, sweeping up,
cut my fingers on the broken glass when I threw it in the trash can.
Cold jersey weather, got dry hands.
Let the dog out,
brother in the house,
I’m tryna measure his medicine amount,
low bank account.
Mad bills on my dad’s desk.
They just blocked cable access.
internet is next,
heat ain’t coming out of vents.
Thirteen and depressed.
Homeroom teacher saying that I need
telling me
“Divorce is hard”
No shit, man, I swear to God.
Fast forward, ’09, got a car.
Highways help me take my mind far.
Outta sight and outta mind.
Wish I could leave it all behind.
Brother on and off of hospital mattresses,
other brother using the liquor just to drown his sins.
Fast forward to 2011,
brother Nelson
got called into heaven.
He was a legend.
I know the government gon’ take our crib.
No time to be a kid,
gotta hit the road real quick.

(Chorus) x2
I bet you never thought it’d get like this.
Been up all night,
tryna get it right.
I swear it hurt my soul, you already know.
So tired of the cold, gotta hit the road.


(Verse 2)
So are you ready for the real world, baby?
I swear this shit will drive you crazy.
9 to 5
Not enough money to pay rent,
man, fuck a pay check.
What’s next?
I overthink.
Sixty seconds to greatness, I swear I’m on the brink.
Pray the cops don’t pull me over man…
I ain’t got no registration,
no insurance.
And I’m black?
They gon peal my muffin cap back.
the most stressful.
Night fall when I let go.
Got a bad bitch who wanna meditate.
Hit the road, then we medicate
tryna stay sane.
Dad’s alright, hope he avoid a third heart attack.
Putting major pressure on my cardiac.
Mom back in the picture, that’s cool.
She putting pressure on a nigga too,
talking bout “get a real job”?
Pardon, I was born to slay beats,
make heat,
been a great week.

I’m on the verge of getting out of here,
drive without a care
into the galaxy.
So it’s “peace” to gravity.

Track Name: Brooklyn
(Verse 1)
Just got off my bus to Brooklyn, I’m in town for a show.
Baby girl, you say this is your borough, well I’m ready, let’s go.
I’m only in town for the weekend,
so I ain’t got no time to be sleeping.
In the morning we can sleep in.
Summer is the season.
Big city,
bright lights
this evening.

And now we’re all alone.
Now we’re all alone,
and the feeling’s strong, hey.
We met up in Brooklyn.
Never going home,
pray we live it long, hey.
I’m only in town for the weekend,
so I ain’t got no time to be sleeping.
We met up in, uh, hey, we met up in Brooklyn.
God damn, the feeling’s strong.
Can’t leave it alone.

(Verse 2)
Train stopped in Brooklyn, time to hop in the cab.
And we’ll see
architecture on Flatbush Ave.
Up in
Junior’s Restaurant; I’ll cover the tab.
Had to
bounce to Queens, I’ll sleep in Harlem.
Beg your pardon,
bright lights and stardom…
you’re so enticing,
so dangerous.
High like flying airplanes on angel dust.


(Verse 3)
Ready for action,
in the front row.
Room service at front doors
of high class suites.
Views from the pool too G,
had to hit the beach,
big titties wrapped in a sheet.
Bad women while I’m kicking raps on the beat.
kicking facts on the beat,
run it back on the New York street,
heart attack from the pizza that ya’ll niggas eat.
Took a bite of the big apple,
ladies taking big bites of me
up in the belly of the beast.
Subways in the concrete matrix,
bought garments way past basic.
My bloodline is the ancient
Ready for a city like Rome,
the empire
Dreams stacked on my plate,
like I got six guts.
Now live it up.

Track Name: Morning Aveter (Interlude)
I feel like throwing up
(My hair I'm holding up)
Can you please pass the bucket
Tell me ("fuck it, baby you're still beautiful")
Like how you did last night, unless that was a lie
(I've been lied to)
Dealer told me half a pill, why'd I try two?
(Call me crazy, but I like you.)
Last night I know we said things.
(But it's hard to tell what's real or not while my head rings.)
I can't hear a thing, baby.
The music was too loud, baby.
Had my head in the cloud, baby.
I'm starting to come down, baby.
I'm starting to fall now, baby.
Fall in love, (but I've never had the feeling,)
I'm just guessing
Got some questions
(I know men that have used the word as a weapon.)
Say they (love me)
(Then they fuck me)
Then they duck me.
(He didn't want me.)
(I've got stains in my new dress.)
The burn of vodka and cigarettes in my chest.
(The smell of vodka and cigarets on my hair)
And you still hold me close up against your bare...
We got lost in the sin.
Spilled liquor on my chin
(Drip down, I'm drugged up.
Was fucked up.)
And now the sun's up
through the blinds.
Got no time.
I miss our night (together.)
(Last night I thought about, you know, spending our life together.)
Be on this flight forever,
Forever together
I know ima mess but
You make me feel better
(You talk,)
I really wanna get involved
It's your call.
Maybe we should just pause, down.
Slow down
(Slow down.)
Get your shit together, I gotta go get my shit together.
(I should go, let me get my sweater.)
Track Name: Marigolds
(Verse 1)
Meandering through a meadow of marigolds,
watching the apocalypse unfold,
with laced fingers.
Standing inside of God’s basement,
on top of satan’s roof,
all while the smell of the city cement still lingers.
Needed a break from the hustle and bustle,
a little therapy could help us rebuild up our muscle…
Hearts beating on some new born shit.
I’m just trying to save us, on some coupon shit.
or so it seems like.
Thinking about our adventures in Boston,
wander, get lost in
all the glory.
They tried to burn down our story.
All our battles got gory,
metaphorically speaking.
Swear I was never creeping,
girl, we could tear apart my dorm room.
Tried to reach out to you shooting the video for “War Room”.
That was around June.
Tried to erase me, anyway, I swear your necklace match the flowers, girl.
Now watch the chaos surround our world.

I say, girl, you must’ve forgot the memories.
Your family turned us to enemies.
I say, girl, you must’ve forgot the memories.
You ain’t who you pretend to be.
I say, girl, you must’ve forgot the memories.
Had a nigga thinking about wedding rings.
I say, girl you must’ve forgot the memories…
and I know that I can’t do anything.

We use to kick it,
bumping some CuDi,
we smoke and get high.
Then we’d fuck all night,
do you remember?
Then everything turned into a fight,
pain so deep in your eyes,
we tried to keep it alive,
that was December.
The last days, when we fell apart,
‘cause the ones you love the most tore our bond apart.
Some nights I wish that we could restart,
but reality is so dark,

I say, girl, you must’ve forgot the memories.
I’m feeding off of your energy,
speeding, doing like 70.
Racing like heavy metal,
Trying hard to forget you,
but such a blessing I met you.
You cried with me when my brother passed.
Defined a moment in my troubled past,
I met my match.
I dedicate this to the Aries,
the woman that I thought I could marry.
Young nigga know that its over,
young nigga still needs closure.
young nigga moved on slow,
Ya’ll aint know?
Tried to let the memories go.
New angles trying to fly with a nigga.
The kind that are down and ready to ride with a nigga.
But your presence infects the picture…
and I can’t lie, I miss you.

Track Name: SEEDS
(Verse 1)
They gon build a couple statues, a few monuments, a couple shrines.
Legendary tombstone, or maybe a pyramid, in due time.
I’m talking bout a legacy.
When you turn too driven, see niggas showing they jealousy.
They fixated on the celery,
but I’ll leave
seeds for the future, ain’t focused on what cheddar breed.
Cuz niggas gon get paid,
but I won’t let the cash flow turn me to a slave.
I haven’t slept in eight days,
tryna figure out great-
Carve the keys to the future.
Let the kids know you can be who you choose to.
Houston, we got a problem, kids growing up with dead pride,
high with red eyes.
Nigga, I was there too.
I was scared too.
The world don’t play fair, boo.
I’m just here tryna prepare you,
role model, teach folks how to move.
Like cat walking.
Talking outta they ass? I laugh often.
Dead em all, purchasing some black coffins.
When they try to destroy you
stand up and they’ll applaud you.
Start walking, they’ll reward you.
Fist up, they can’t ignore you.
We deserve to be immortal.
Take a walk with me through the time portal.
Can you imagine a land full of head strong youth full of passion?
Ain’t afraid to fall, get up, ready for action.
Breaking down blockades, two guns blasting.
That’s the world that a nigga wanna build.
Can you feel?

seeds, baby.
Yeah yeah, let it grow.
That’s the truth, dog.
You already know] x 3.
seeds, baby.
Yeah, yeah, let it grow.
King Saz, King Saz, nigga you already know.

(Verse 2)
Make the folk feel like its cool to love themselves,
all the way.
Don’t ever listen to the lies they tell.
And heavy is the ego of the black man, you know my pride breaks scales.
Go to prison for the dream,
like King,
Birmingham, make bail.
There’s two ways that these niggas try to kill your confidence.
First way: they gon tell you that you suck,
Second way: they gon tell you high self esteem is cockiness…
and then they call you arrogant,
rather see you slip, do something embarrassing..
than see a mother fucker talking like he bullet proof.
Fuck it, if you great say you great, nothin’ wrong bout knowing the truth.
So bitch nigga, find a purpose.
Shallow hoes steady lurking.
Fucking niggas that can buy them them diamonds and purses.
Got you thinking that your worth is defined by the size of your wallet.
This nigga Saz aint cool, he don’t glorify the profit.
Man, I know niggas with fresh kicks that ain’t shit.
And I know niggas with no cream that still dream.
With that said, I just blew a couple grand on some threads with some logos.
But a king ain’t defined by his robes though.
Royalty is defined by the world that you mold; let the seeds grow.
Black peacoat
on my back as I lead all the people.
In fact, raise a nation of leaders,
a whole globe
tryna save the whole globe,
bet the gods gon see us.


(Verse 3)
My daddy told me “don’t forget who you are”.
Never change, not for cash, not for cars,
not for chains, I should aim for the stars.
I’ma tell my little girl the same thing,
tell my little man the same thing,
I demand the same thing
for the rest of us,
cuz I just want the best for us.
They like “Saz, why the fuck you gotta lecture us?”
So pardon me if I ever sound preachy,
bought a couple jewels but the shit don’t ease me.
Being an artist ain’t easy
because we have vision.
I have visions,
suicide jumpers cuz they bullied in the system.
If you ever lose track,
I swear I’ll bring you right back.
You ain’t alone,
if you write me I promise that I’ll write back.
Promises will never be forgotten,
build a kingdom that’ll never turn rotten.
Kings to cargo, then we picking cotton?
So of course I want the kings back, reign ain’t stopping,
Nigga, I don’t fuck around.
I repeat, I don’t fuck around.
Niggas ducking down. Bow down,
I don’t run around.
And these folks need a hero,
so the shit ain’t written just to feed my ego.
So what you gonna tell me now?
That I’m thinking too big?
Well fuck ya’ll, man it is what it is.
Truth is
I don’t really give a shit.
People like me operate on a whole ‘nother level.
Crown with the rubies redder than the devil,
gold pavement running through the streets of the ghetto.

Track Name: No Running
(Never turning back
No running back) x4
(And I know that i gotta be above it now)
I know

(Verse 1)
It's hard to rumble in the jungle with greedy gorillas,
take your life to afford them chinchillas
and Tuscan villas.
Day to day at the bus stop.
Tired of minimum wage and hour lunch blocks,
your baggage in a lunch box.
And I
been a low roller,
grippin the remote controller
dreaming of a better life.
Sitcoms for the stress,
Seinfeld when I'm depressed.
to find euphoria.
Cheers to the 9 to 5 warrior.
Lord knows that you deserve it all.
Learn how to pick it all up when all of the pieces fall.
Go and spit them pills up out of your jaw.
Fantasizing bout being an icon.
End up in front of the Nikon.
With ladies draped in Python.
Smile, baby the lights on.
And represent the real when that mic's on
Bygones be bygones.
Learn to be focused,
and watch the fear become worthless.
Rise above and get rid of.
Couldn't get any realer.
Niggas bounce back
Fuck it,
tried tell ya we gon be ite.
Bet that,
just facts.

And it don't mean a damn thing.
Tryna make it right, so we might as well sing.
Next level: tryna reach.
Marijuana on a sandy beach,
looking at the moon, told it “wait for me”.

(Verse 2)
Had a dream about the apocalypse.
Told Satan to shut up and lock his lips.
Tryna cure my consciousness;
my mind needs some screws tightened.
Studied a lot ,I'm enlightened,
don't want my life to end with a hyphen.
Death can be so abrupt.
“Suicide?” in some of them darker hours,
so I got high, took a shower,
threw on my favorite album,
then wrote a song, you niggas know the outcome.
Murder it wickedly,
niggas can't fuck with me
Touch the crowd on stage at Coachella.
I'm a nigga that you should get to know better.
Just Bought some jet black leather,
ready to rock out, and stay me forever.
Dreaming till I'm laying down where them fossils be.
Could be the greatest?
Track Name: Finale At Sundown (Bonus Track)
(Verse 1)
Feeling like running in label offices,
labels turning the world into an orphanage,
a bunch of lost kids
looking for guidance, no role model;
so who you think that they gon’ follow?
All them dummies that you threw in the video on the Youtube,
hang you off the roof by your neck tie, I’m too rude.
A smooth dude, new CEO, president, leader down to conquer,
go call up the sponsor.
Cuz we gon’ need a couple checks,
couple down niggas down to come up, down to invest.
Black stones banging up against my chest,
a queen with double D breasts.
We’ll do some shows together,
got this dream that we can grow together.
I’m Aristotle and an alcoholic
and them college years changed my wallet.
They say I’m crazy? Call it what you want to call it.
Keep at it regardless.
Really a starving artist,
and there’s so much to accomplish.
But fuck it, I’m steady shining on you suckers,
lady looking like a diamond on you suckers.
I had a couple lows now I’m straight,
need to knead a loaf, then we baking cake,
Gods great,
burning up some dank.
Say I’m getting too big for my britches…
like I aint suppose to grow, you niggas sound like bitches,
scared of progression.
Pardon my aggression,
usually chill but they’ve engaged the weapon.
Just reaching for what I’m destined;
any questions?
I ignore a lot of suggestions.
You niggas listen to garbage so I don’t need advice.
Perfection takes time, shit don’t happen over night.
Then I’ll come up on a mortgage and board them private flights.
I won’t stunt, like that wouldn’t be nice.
I’m tryna stunt, with them charms on me looking so bright.
Broad on my arm, she’s a movie actress tonight.
Pretend we royalty, baby. Watch the art become life.
Oh, I’m saying…
feeling like the king coming,
a new king coming,
need a church choir to sing something.
My middle name means “God just walked in the house”.
God body coming in to big up my account.
Took dough to the strip club, she make it bounce, hey.
Too drunk to look in the mirror, I’m on the couch, hey.
Thinking of how the fuck can I get this lady home.
Then I said “eff it”, started dreaming bout my piano.
Slizzurd, thinking of chords and how to bang strippers.
Thinking of pussy, how to lyrically make ripples.
Thinking of melodies and pictures of her pierced nipples.
Then I remembered I needed my money far from little.
Pay the dreamer, pay up nigga.
Go and get rid of
all of the hate that’s with ya.
Break that swisha,
homies need to cool out.
No sorries for my rude mouth